The Union of Private Horse Breeders (SSCHK) is a civic association whose goal is to defend the legitimate interests and rights of horse breeders and other entities and organizations that participate in activities related to the use of horses. As part of this, the SSCHK tries to influence the authorities and organizations involved in improving the conditions affecting the breeding and use of horses, cooperates with European and international organizations in related fields and cooperates in the creation of legal regulations focused on the field of horse breeding and use. SSCHK also tries to develop various educational activities. It organizes lectures, trainings and courses, participates in the implementation of information, media and related marketing projects and has many other activities that are closely related to horse breeding in the Czech Republic.

SSCHK training center
The Association of Private Horse Breeders successfully implemented the preparation of the Horse Breeding and Testing educational program within the project of the same name financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic. The established SSCHK training center responds to the apparent lack of the necessary professional education of the vast majority of horse breeders, their employees, nurses and also riders operating within the Czech Republic. The project thus reflects the requirement for the availability of a training program that would enable the provision of a specialized and retraining program of professional education within the framework of business in the countryside, with a special focus on the breeding and use of horses. The goal of studying the upcoming courses is to acquire skills and acquire knowledge important for the management of horses in various development cycles and from the perspective of individual job positions.breeding horse breeds, reproduction, technological aspects of breeding race and sport horses, training and training, characteristics of performance tests, selection programs in breeding race and sport horses, economic and legal aspects of breeding and use of race and sport horses. Individual e-learning courses are created in such a way as to connect part of continuing education and increasing professional knowledge with didactic aids and practical situations encountered by all target groups targeted by the program. Graduates of professional courses receive an official document (certificate from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) of completing that form of lifelong education.

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